You want some serious bubbles
back in your Club Soda?

The iconic fruit flavor of summer,
now in a bottle, will keep you refreshed,
cool and smiling any time of the year.

As the Official Drink of Tacos, Jarritos certainly has a flavorful story to tell. Their fresh fruit ingredients are picked from all over Mexico, and thousands of their soda bottles enter the U.S. daily, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s one of the most beloved soft drink brands around!

But have you ever wondered how these delectable flavors came to be? Here are five facts about this Super-Good soda brand to quench your thirst for knowledge:

1. The Jarritos founder was a bit of a scientist

Back in 1950, Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill founded Jarritos in his own home. He was also an accomplished chemist known for leaving his beakers and journals all over the house, especially in the dining room.

2. Jarritos soda was originally coffee-flavored

Sure, coffee-flavored soda sounds a bit strange, since most people prefer their coffee to be hot and not carbonated. But soon Don Francisco Hill experimented with fruitier fruits to make Mandarin, soon followed by beloved favorites such as Lime, Tamarind and Fruit Punch.

3. The Jarritos logo shares its colors with two popular flavors

Coincidence? Maybe so. In English, “Jarritos” translates into “little jugs”, the same kind of clay jugs on the Jarritos logo that kept fruit-flavored agua frescas cooler longer in the olden days. The little jugs were also naturally brown on the bottom and glazed green on the top — colors that happen to correspond with two of Jarritos’ most popular flavors: Mandarin and Lime!

4. Original Jarritos bottles were unlabeled

Like magic, early Jarritos tasters just knew which flavors to pick by looktheir color. Since Jarritos uses authentic fruit and sugar ingredients, we bet today’s loyal Jarritos tasters could identify their sodas just by taste, too. With over 10 delicious flavors, you have plenty of opportunities to put your tastebuds to the test and try it out for yourself!

5. August 29 is the official anniversary of Jarritos.

On this historic day, Jarritos encourages its customers to celebrate the launch of their sodas by raising a bottle of their favorite flavor in honor of their founder, Don Francisco. Salud!

To learn more about what makes these Mexican sodas so deliciously delightful, visit Jarritos online.

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The countdown to Thanksgiving has officially begun! This wholesome holiday is all about cherishing time with our loved ones while chowing down on a yummy home-cooked meal (and eating leftovers for days!)

If you’re hoping to make your festivities the talk of the dinner table, or if you just want to have some family fun, consider celebrating with Jarritos! Here are three clever ways you can incorporate this Super Good soda into your Thanksgiving celebrations.

1. Create a centerpiece out of Jarritos bottles

Yep, it’s as easy as it sounds! Simply grab a handful of empty Jarritos bottles to use as vases and arrange them to make a centerpiece that’s just as eye-catching as the dishes on your table. Stuff the bottles with flowers of your choice, or take notes from this harvest party tutorial and try popular fall florals such as sunflowers, roses and carnations.

2. Make turkeys out of Jarritos bottles

Grab the kids to help out with a couple of these Jarritos-inspired Thanksgiving craft projects. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make turkeys out of used Jarritos bottle caps with googly eyes and construction paper. You can also use the same items in this tutorial to make a turkey out of an empty Jarritos bottle, adding tissue paper to create the bird’s colorful feathers!

3. Use Jarritos in your drink recipes

Of course, your Thanksgiving feast would be incomplete without some refreshments around the table! Add a splash of Pineapple Jarritos into this fall party Pineapple Punch recipe that includes apple cider and ginger ale. You can also try your hand at a bowl of Sparkling Cranberry Lime using Lime Jarritos, cranberry juice and sparkling water, garnished with orange slices or seasonal fruit.

Keep brainstorming this year’s Thanksgiving celebration by discovering the flavors of Jarritos online!

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Spooky season has officially arrived! Aside from putting on a quirky costume and snacking on mouthwatering candy, Halloween is an ideal time to throw a hauntingly good bash — and what’s a party without a good drink?

This year, make sure your Halloween drinks taste as good as they look by adding Jarritos soda to the mix. Check out five of our bone-chilling Halloween drink recipes that will bewitch your party guests.

La Hechicera

An icy drink whose name translates to “sorceress,” this enchanting recipe works with any of your favorite Jarritos flavors, such as Grapefruit, Jamaica or Guava. Squeeze a lime into a martini glass full of ice, pour in your Jarritos pick, then add some dry ice to make a spooky, smoky garnish. Just remember to handle dry ice carefully with gloves and tongs, and wait until it has dissolved before consuming your drink!

Candy Corn Mocktail

As far as seasonal sweet treats go, candy corn is one we wait for all year long. This recipe for a candy corn mocktail takes the beloved flavors of candy corn and turns them into a delightful drink. Amp up the flavor with Jarritos Mandarin and add a tablespoon of pineapple juice with two tablespoons of ginger ale. Pierce a few pieces of candy corn, hard or gummy, through a mini kabob and rest it on the rim of the glass to garnish!

Bloody Punch Bowl

It may not be as spooky as the real deal, but you’ll still have a bloody good time making this party-ready punch! Blend a bag of frozen strawberries with Fruit Punch Jarritos, then pour into a punch bowl. Add a bottle of Mineragua sparkling water for a fizzy twist, then complete with some spooktacular garnishes, like fake spiders or cobwebs around the bowl or gummy eyeballs in the punch.

Witch’s Brew

This bright and witchy green drink is sure to put a spell on your guests! Dissolve a package of lime-flavored D’Gari gelatin in boiling water into a large bowl. Once it’s cool, add some Lime Jarritos with ginger ale and ice.

Vampire Ice Cream Float

If the kids want to join in on the Halloween festivities, they can build their own vampire-themed ice cream floats to satisfy their sweet teeth. Simply help them fill a tall glass with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Then have them pour in some Strawberry Jarritos, top the drink with whipped cream and drizzle with strawberry syrup. They won’t be able to resist this bloody good treat!

Learn more about Jarritos online and discover all the tasty flavors to make your Halloween celebrations super good (and super spooky)!

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It’s that time of the year again! Oct. 4 marks National Taco Day, a celebration for the beloved dish that is the taco. The biggest taco fans can rejoice in the art of crafting their favorite food, from soft and hard shell choices to adding endless toppings that’ll satisfy all taste buds.

But who says the festivities should stop after one day? If you’re too taco-obsessed for a single National Taco Day fiesta, try one (or more!) of these seven ways to keep the celebration going all month long.

1. Seek out authentic taquerias in your town

The best tacos to have are the ones made by experts using recipes that have been passed down for generations, so consider making a pit stop at a family-owned taqueria near you. Not only does this give you a reason to get out and explore your town’s culinary scene, but it’s also a fantastic way to support local businesses. Whether you’re looking for an up-and-coming spot or a decades-old staple, show some love to your hometown!

2. Learn about the history of tacos

Have you ever wondered who invented the tastiness that is a taco? Put your reading glasses on and take a trip down taco memory lane to research its roots and learn about its evolution from street food to fast food. We recommend watching the Taco Chronicles, a Netflix docuseries that explores the rich histories of popular, mouthwatering taco styles!

3. Pair your tacos with Jarritos

As the Official Drink of Tacos, Jarritos is the obvious choice to keep you quenched during your taco feast! Take a look at our list of Jarritos flavors that we recommend pairing with popular types of tacos.

4. Throw a make-your-own-taco party

What’s a better way to celebrate National Taco Day than with a proper fiesta? Get your guests to create their favorite tacos, buffet style! Check out our tips on building your own self-serve taco bar for your next taco get-together.

5. Dress yourself (or your pets!) up like a taco

Celebrate National Taco Day in style and get a head start on your Halloween costume at the same time! Get your furry companions in on the fun with by picking out an adorable taco-themed pet costume and find your own equally taco-tastic outfit to match in.

6. Learn how to make your own tortillas

There’s nothing like eating a meal that you’ve made yourself from scratch. Try your hand at being an authentic taco chef by making some of your own handmade tortillas. It might get a little messy in the kitchen, but at least your appetite will be satisfied afterward!

7. Make some dessert tacos

If you’re looking to liven up your taco skills, look up some taco recipes that add a sweet twist! Learn how to make a batch of healthy tamarindo tacos with cucumbers and carrots, along with choco tacos sprinkled with extra fudge and peanuts.

Visit Jarritos online to learn more about the super-good flavors you can use to accompany your National Taco Day celebration!

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Did someone say taco night?! Whether you’re having a casual Taco Tuesday dinner or a big friendly gathering, the taco-serving options seem to be endless. But if you’ve got a crowd to feed, consider building a self-serve taco bar — and since Jarritos is the Official Drink of Tacos, you’ll definitely need some of this super-good Mexican soda handy to keep everyone quenched.

Read up on five of our taco-tastic tips for making your next taco night one to remember!

Choose your fillings

Seasoned ground beef and grilled chicken are both common taco fillings in the U.S., but if you want to up your taco game with something more authentic, try your hand at smoky carne asa, rich barbacoa, crispy carnitas or saucy chicken tinga. Be sure to prepare two or three different options so that your guests can mix and match their taco fillings according to their preferences.

Stock up on tortillas

It’s an age-old debate: Flour or corn tortillas? Everyone has their favorite! Keep the whole room happy by stocking up on both choices. Wrap the tortillas in foil and warm them in a 200-degree oven, and then when it’s time to serve, store them in a tortilla dish for warmth and easy serving.

Keep the toppings fresh

Provide enough topping options to allow your guests to pack their tacos full with flavor. Must-haves include queso fresco, minced white onion and/or pickled red onion, pico de gallo, sliced jalapeños and cilantro. If you’re serving rice and beans alongside the tacos, break out a Crock-Pot or a pre-heated serving tray handy to keep your sides warm.

Don’t forget the salsa, guac and sour cream

It’s simply impossible to build a proper taco bar without this trifecta of Tex-Mex taco toppings! Serve these tasty additions in small bowls with spoons so that your guests can top their tacos before taking that perfect first bite.

Break out the Jarritos!

Jarritos are the obvious drink choice to pair with your scrumptious taco feast. Place your favorite flavors in a large serving bucket filled with ice about an hour before the meal starts so that your drinks will be perfectly ice-cold once it’s time to chow down. From the tang of Mandarin to the classic sweetness of Mexican Cola, you’ll have a rainbow of flavors to choose from to complement your culinary creations.

Visit Jarritos online to browse more of their super-good flavors to accompany your next taco night!

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Nothing hits the spot like a sip from an ice-cold drink during the heat of the day. Are your taste buds tingling for one last cooldown before the summer comes to an end? Satisfy those cravings simply by adding Jarritos to some of your favorite summer drinks! From slushes to ice cream mixes, here are five frosty recipes you can add Jarritos soda to.

Mango Chamoyada

Topped with tamarind candy with chili and drizzled in chamoy sauce, this mango-tastic mocktail has it all! Grab a blender and dump in some frozen mango slices with a bottle of Jarritos Mango. Check out the full tutorial at the link above, and then kickstart your weekend with your own glass of sweetened spice.

Strawberry Italian Soda

While this might not be a true frozen drink, you’ll still want to recreate this fizzy soda classic with a bottle of Strawberry Jarritos. All you’ll need is a glass of ice mixed with half and half — and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Tutti Fruitazo

You’re bound to get your daily serving of vitamin C with a Tutti Fruitazo. Dump a bottle of Jarritos Fruit Punch into a glass of frozen watermelon cubes and freshly squeezed lime juice. Stick some fresh fruit onto the rim and sprinkle in some chili powder for a twist!

Jarritos Mocktails

Jarritos plus mock margaritas? Yes, please! For a Jarritos Pineapple recipe, easily blend one and a half a cup of frozen pineapple with lime juice, cielito and salt. But the flavor options don’t stop there! Check out more of these super-good Jarritos mocktail flavors like GuavaTamarind and Grapefruit.

Ice Cream Floats

Have you ever wanted to make the ice cream float of your dreams? Now you can with Jarritos!  Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to a chilled glass, and then pour your favorite Jarritos flavor — from Mexican Cola to Mandarin — on top for a cool treat. Prepare to have your mind blown — probably by brain freeze!

For more flavorful inspiration, visit Jarritos online and check out more delicious drink video recipes on the Mex-It-Up Facebook page!

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No meal is complete without a proper drink, but tacos are especially worthy of a special refreshment to wash all that goodness down. Because Jarritos soda is now the “Official Drink of Tacos,” it’s the obvious choice to keep you quenched as you munch away on your next Taco Tuesday feast.

Check out our list of Jarritos flavors that we’ve paired with eight popular types of tacos. Think cheese and wine pairing, but way more fun!

Carne Asada + Mango Jarritos

The popular carne asada taco is stuffed with flank steak and ripe with the marinated flavors of fruit juices and spices. To counterbalance the richness and heat found in carne asada, we recommend pairing your tacos with the tang and sweetness of Jarritos Mango.

Barbacoa + Tamarind Jarritos

Dried chilis and spices are sprinkled into beef barbacoa tacos for a true smoky taste. Amp up the flavor with the similar zing of Jarritos Tamarind and your tastebuds will be tingling for more. Tacos or tamarind? Why not both?

Chorizo + Mandarin Jarritos

Egg and chorizo tacos make an oh-so-delicious breakfast paired with a cup of OJ. On special mornings, you can take your morning routine up a notch glass by replacing your morning OJ with a frosty bottle of Jarritos Mandarin for the same rejuvenating effect. Put your taco-making skills to the test and try out this chorizo and potato tacos recipe!


Carnitas, or little pork tacos, are a popular taco choice for those who love a crispy yet tender texture and juicy meat. We recommend pairing your carnitas up with a bottle of sweet and sour Jarritos Guava — prepare to feel the sparks fly after your first sip!


Whether you prefer grilled or beer-battered fish in your taco, Jarritos Lime will help bring out the zesty essence that we love about these Baja-inspired creations. Avocados are a popular accompaniment to fish tacos, so try your hand at making this authentic guacamole recipe from the Remezcla to learn why this combination is such a catch.


Pineapple juice is a signature ingredient in savory al pastor taco marinades. Enjoy a double dose of this tart, juicy flavor with our recommended pairing of Jarritos Pineapple. Your tastebuds will thank you!


You can’t go wrong with a classic chicken taco, and this timeless flavor deserves to be paired with a Jarritos classic: Mexican Cola! The simple sweetness of the soda’s timeless flavor will add a special touch to this versatile taco filling. Check out this simple yet authentic chicken tinga recipe for your next culinary project!


You might raise your eyebrows at the thought of tacos de lengua, or beef tongue. But with the right amount of slow cooking, these tasty and tender tacos are sure to melt in your mouth. Try pairing your lengua tacos with Jarritos Watermelon for an instant rush of succulent flavor!


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you veggie lovers out there! With the tang of Jarritos Grapefruit, you can add the refreshment and flavor of fresh citrus to your nutritious, delicious veggie tacos.

Visit the Jarritos website to browse more of these deliciously delightful flavors and come up with your own taco pairing ideas!

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Nothing beats popping the top off a refreshing bottle of Jarritos soda, and the best part is having such a vibrant rainbow of juicy flavors to choose from. Each flavor has its own special fruity tang, but we all have our special favorite that we keep coming back to again and again.

But have you ever wondered whether your go-to Jarritos flavor reflects your personality? Check out this fun rundown of what your favorite Jarritos flavor says about you.


Mandarin packs a powerful combination of tangy and sweet that will leaving you glowing after your first sip. If this refreshing flavor is your favorite, you likely have a vibrant personality paired with a contagious smile that lights up any room you step into.


Did you know that strawberries were once associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love, because of their heart-shaped appearance and red color? Strawberry lovers can rejoice — this sweet flavor mirrors your big-hearted ways. You’re not shy about expressing your feelings, and when it comes to romance, you love to sweep your sweethearts off their feet.


Limes provide the perfect hint of pucker in everything from marinades to margaritas, so it’s easy to see why so many people call Lime their favorite Jarritos flavor. If you’re among them, we bet you’re a natural entertainer who knows just what a crowd needs to stay on their feet. Basically, you add a lime-like twist to every gathering — parties just aren’t the same without you!


Tamarind can be used as a spice, dried and processed into candies, and, yep — it’s one of Jarritos’ most popular flavors! Tamarind’s possibilities are endless, and so are yours. Creativity is constantly brewing in your brain, and your out-of-the-box thinking helps bring new ideas to the table. You simply make trying new things a delight!


Guava trees thrive in many of the world’s tropical and subtropical regions with warm climates — the ideal destinations to fulfill your wanderlust. Whether you’re hopping on a plane or cruising down the highway, you’ve got a burning need to explore new places with plenty of sun.


Sugar is often sprinkled over grapefruit to mute its bitterness. If you love Jarritos Grapefruit, we’re not saying you’re a bitter person —  you just have a sweet side waiting to be discovered under a tough exterior. Getting a little personal might be a challenge for you, but who wouldn’t want to get to know you? Don’t be afraid to show off your tart and tangy side!


Jarritos Fruit Punch is jam-packed with a jumble of classic fruity flavors. There’s a lot to love about this sweet drink, and the same could be said about you! You’re brimming with so much upbeat positivity that your loved ones just can’t seem to pick what your best trait is —  and neither can we!


What better way to honor Mexico than with its own flavor? Jarritos calls this beautiful country home, and because home is where the heart is, Mexican Cola is perfect for all the homebodies out there. This classic, familiar flavor is just as refreshing as tea on a rainy day, or for pairing with your go-to snacks while you binge-watch a show.


Doesn’t the summery flavor of pineapple just make you want to lay under the sun? Everyone loves to relax, but pineapple fans are all about their waterside getaways. Whether you’re enjoying an extended stay by the beach or lounging by the pool for a day, neither experience will be complete without a crisp glass of Jarritos Pineapple goodness.


Made from hibiscus flowers, the refreshingly sweet Jamaica flavor suits nature lovers of all stripes! Outdoor excursions like biking, camping and hiking are a breeze for you, and keeping a bottle of Jarritos Jamaica handy will recharge you for your next adventure. While you’re outside, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!


Because of its massive popularity around the world, the mango is commonly known as “the king of fruits.” Those who can’t get enough of this powerful flavor are born leaders, willing to take initiative and step up to the plate. It’s no surprise that your peers look to you for guidance — you’ve just got what it takes!

If you want to learn more about what makes Jarritos super-good, visit their website to browse all their flavors and discover just what has made these sodas so beloved by tastemakers everywhere.

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