We hold this truth to be self-evident: Everyone loves a cold, refreshing beverage. Whether you require relief on a sweltering summer day, or your thirst needs quenching after hours spent playing in the snow, nothing tastes better than a naturally sweetened soda or chilled agua fresca.

Unfortunately, sometimes little inconveniences can interfere with these drinks hitting the spot as they should. That’s why we’re offering a few tips and tricks to guarantee your optimal sipping experience. Keep reading to discover some clever drink hacks — and to establish your reputation as beverage MacGyver.

Open a bottle without an opener

If you ever find yourself needing to crack open a cold one but don’t have a bottle opener handy, get ready to impress. Various household objects can help you vanquish even the crimp-iest of bottle caps, all while wowing any onlookers.

No church key? No problem. you can use a sturdy spoon to knock off the cap. Firmly grasp the bottle’s neck near the top and wedge the bottom of the spoon between your index finger and the cap. Then, wedge the free end of the spoon down with your other hand.

Everybody knows paper beats rock. But did you know that it also beats bottle caps? Take a dollar bill, fold it in half vertically, then roll it as tightly as you possibly can. Place the bent edge against the bottom of the bottle cap and push upwards. Just like that, you’ll earn yourself the title “life of the party.”

Chill drinks quickly

There are few feelings worse than being hit with a craving for a frosty beverage and discovering that you only have room-temperature bottles and cans sitting in the pantry. But fear not. Thanks to a bit of basic chemistry, you can quickly cool your drinks without resorting to pouring them over ice — and waiting.

First, fill a large bowl with as much water and ice as you can. Next, add salt. You will need more than a pinch, however. Think here in terms of tablespoons and cups. Finally, submerge the drinks you want to chill as deeply as you can, making sure that they don’t crowd together. The key is to allow enough icy water to circulate around each bottle or can. In as few as five minutes, you should be ready to enjoy your cold drink.

How does this work? Salt lowers the freezing point of water, meaning the temperature of the liquid in your bowl (or cooler) can drop substantially without turning into a solid block of ice. Three cheers for science!

If you happen to be out of salt, all is not lost. Completely wrap a bottle in a wet paper towel. Stick said bottle in the freezer for fifteen minutes, then remove it. At this point, it should be cool enough to enjoy to its last drop. Just make sure you set a timer. Bottles and cans can explode if they sit in the freezer for too long, and a blown-out drink is the ultimate party foul.

Up your ice game

If you really want to get the most from your drinks, you probably need to level up in your ice game. The cubes churned out by your freezer’s ice maker or standard trays can certainly cool beverages, but they tend to melt quickly, watering down your drink of choice.

Luckily, it’s possible to head this scenario off at the pass in a couple of ways. First, you can use larger ice molds. The increased surface area claimed by big ice cubes significantly slows their melting.

Another option is whiskey stones. These reusable cubes are made of odorless, tasteless soapstone. Just put them in the freezer for several hours and they’ll be ready to go. Your beverage will stay frosty with absolutely no dilution.

Finally, if you’re pouring a fruity drink, you can always freeze fruit and drop it into a glass first. Whole strawberries, tangerine slices and pineapple chunks are all great choices, depending on the flavor combo you want to pull off.

Make the most of flat soda

Letting a bottle of soda sit for a prolonged period of time with its cap off is a recipe for disappointment. Alas, poor carbonation, we knew you well. But a lack of fizz need not be a source of fretting. Flat soda still has something to offer.

For one thing, you can turn your de-carbonated drink into ice cubes so you won’t have a watered-down experience next time you crave a super-cold soda.

Flat soda also takes well to heat. Soda that’s lost its bubbles hasn’t given up all of its acidic compounds. When braising or slow-cooking meat — especially brisket, pork roast or a whole chicken — those ingredients still bring flavor and tenderizing action to the table.

You don’t even have to be a culinary genius to get some use out of this concoction. Flat soda can give you a green thumb. The next time you water your houseplants, add a few drops of the stuff. Your flora will really pop thanks to the extra dose of sugar soda delivers.

Wine charms aren’t just for wine

It’s happened to each of us: You’re at a party, and you put your drink down for a split second. When you return to pick it up, half-a-dozen other drinks have appeared on the same table, and you have no idea which one is yours. Do you risk taking a swig from what could be a random bottle?

Ultimately, that’s a decision only you can make. However, you can avoid these situations entirely by utilizing wine charms. Just place one of these accessories around the rim of your bottle. You’ll never question which drink belongs to you. Plus, you’ll probably receive compliments on your choice of beverage bling.

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