Nothing beats popping the top off a refreshing bottle of Jarritos soda, and the best part is having such a vibrant rainbow of juicy flavors to choose from. Each flavor has its own special fruity tang, but we all have our special favorite that we keep coming back to again and again.

But have you ever wondered whether your go-to Jarritos flavor reflects your personality? Check out this fun rundown of what your favorite Jarritos flavor says about you.


Mandarin packs a powerful combination of tangy and sweet that will leaving you glowing after your first sip. If this refreshing flavor is your favorite, you likely have a vibrant personality paired with a contagious smile that lights up any room you step into.


Did you know that strawberries were once associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love, because of their heart-shaped appearance and red color? Strawberry lovers can rejoice — this sweet flavor mirrors your big-hearted ways. You’re not shy about expressing your feelings, and when it comes to romance, you love to sweep your sweethearts off their feet.


Limes provide the perfect hint of pucker in everything from marinades to margaritas, so it’s easy to see why so many people call Lime their favorite Jarritos flavor. If you’re among them, we bet you’re a natural entertainer who knows just what a crowd needs to stay on their feet. Basically, you add a lime-like twist to every gathering — parties just aren’t the same without you!


Tamarind can be used as a spice, dried and processed into candies, and, yep — it’s one of Jarritos’ most popular flavors! Tamarind’s possibilities are endless, and so are yours. Creativity is constantly brewing in your brain, and your out-of-the-box thinking helps bring new ideas to the table. You simply make trying new things a delight!


Guava trees thrive in many of the world’s tropical and subtropical regions with warm climates — the ideal destinations to fulfill your wanderlust. Whether you’re hopping on a plane or cruising down the highway, you’ve got a burning need to explore new places with plenty of sun.


Sugar is often sprinkled over grapefruit to mute its bitterness. If you love Jarritos Grapefruit, we’re not saying you’re a bitter person —  you just have a sweet side waiting to be discovered under a tough exterior. Getting a little personal might be a challenge for you, but who wouldn’t want to get to know you? Don’t be afraid to show off your tart and tangy side!


Jarritos Fruit Punch is jam-packed with a jumble of classic fruity flavors. There’s a lot to love about this sweet drink, and the same could be said about you! You’re brimming with so much upbeat positivity that your loved ones just can’t seem to pick what your best trait is —  and neither can we!


What better way to honor Mexico than with its own flavor? Jarritos calls this beautiful country home, and because home is where the heart is, Mexican Cola is perfect for all the homebodies out there. This classic, familiar flavor is just as refreshing as tea on a rainy day, or for pairing with your go-to snacks while you binge-watch a show.


Doesn’t the summery flavor of pineapple just make you want to lay under the sun? Everyone loves to relax, but pineapple fans are all about their waterside getaways. Whether you’re enjoying an extended stay by the beach or lounging by the pool for a day, neither experience will be complete without a crisp glass of Jarritos Pineapple goodness.


Made from hibiscus flowers, the refreshingly sweet Jamaica flavor suits nature lovers of all stripes! Outdoor excursions like biking, camping and hiking are a breeze for you, and keeping a bottle of Jarritos Jamaica handy will recharge you for your next adventure. While you’re outside, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!


Because of its massive popularity around the world, the mango is commonly known as “the king of fruits.” Those who can’t get enough of this powerful flavor are born leaders, willing to take initiative and step up to the plate. It’s no surprise that your peers look to you for guidance — you’ve just got what it takes!

If you want to learn more about what makes Jarritos super-good, visit their website to browse all their flavors and discover just what has made these sodas so beloved by tastemakers everywhere.

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