No meal is complete without a proper drink, but tacos are especially worthy of a special refreshment to wash all that goodness down. Because Jarritos soda is now the “Official Drink of Tacos,” it’s the obvious choice to keep you quenched as you munch away on your next Taco Tuesday feast.

Check out our list of Jarritos flavors that we’ve paired with eight popular types of tacos. Think cheese and wine pairing, but way more fun!

Carne Asada + Mango Jarritos

The popular carne asada taco is stuffed with flank steak and ripe with the marinated flavors of fruit juices and spices. To counterbalance the richness and heat found in carne asada, we recommend pairing your tacos with the tang and sweetness of Jarritos Mango.

Barbacoa + Tamarind Jarritos

Dried chilis and spices are sprinkled into beef barbacoa tacos for a true smoky taste. Amp up the flavor with the similar zing of Jarritos Tamarind and your tastebuds will be tingling for more. Tacos or tamarind? Why not both?

Chorizo + Mandarin Jarritos

Egg and chorizo tacos make an oh-so-delicious breakfast paired with a cup of OJ. On special mornings, you can take your morning routine up a notch glass by replacing your morning OJ with a frosty bottle of Jarritos Mandarin for the same rejuvenating effect. Put your taco-making skills to the test and try out this chorizo and potato tacos recipe!


Carnitas, or little pork tacos, are a popular taco choice for those who love a crispy yet tender texture and juicy meat. We recommend pairing your carnitas up with a bottle of sweet and sour Jarritos Guava — prepare to feel the sparks fly after your first sip!


Whether you prefer grilled or beer-battered fish in your taco, Jarritos Lime will help bring out the zesty essence that we love about these Baja-inspired creations. Avocados are a popular accompaniment to fish tacos, so try your hand at making this authentic guacamole recipe from the Remezcla to learn why this combination is such a catch.


Pineapple juice is a signature ingredient in savory al pastor taco marinades. Enjoy a double dose of this tart, juicy flavor with our recommended pairing of Jarritos Pineapple. Your tastebuds will thank you!


You can’t go wrong with a classic chicken taco, and this timeless flavor deserves to be paired with a Jarritos classic: Mexican Cola! The simple sweetness of the soda’s timeless flavor will add a special touch to this versatile taco filling. Check out this simple yet authentic chicken tinga recipe for your next culinary project!


You might raise your eyebrows at the thought of tacos de lengua, or beef tongue. But with the right amount of slow cooking, these tasty and tender tacos are sure to melt in your mouth. Try pairing your lengua tacos with Jarritos Watermelon for an instant rush of succulent flavor!


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you veggie lovers out there! With the tang of Jarritos Grapefruit, you can add the refreshment and flavor of fresh citrus to your nutritious, delicious veggie tacos.

Visit the Jarritos website to browse more of these deliciously delightful flavors and come up with your own taco pairing ideas!

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