The countdown to Thanksgiving has officially begun! This wholesome holiday is all about cherishing time with our loved ones while chowing down on a yummy home-cooked meal (and eating leftovers for days!)

If you’re hoping to make your festivities the talk of the dinner table, or if you just want to have some family fun, consider celebrating with Jarritos! Here are three clever ways you can incorporate this Super Good soda into your Thanksgiving celebrations.

1. Create a centerpiece out of Jarritos bottles

Yep, it’s as easy as it sounds! Simply grab a handful of empty Jarritos bottles to use as vases and arrange them to make a centerpiece that’s just as eye-catching as the dishes on your table. Stuff the bottles with flowers of your choice, or take notes from this harvest party tutorial and try popular fall florals such as sunflowers, roses and carnations.

2. Make turkeys out of Jarritos bottles

Grab the kids to help out with a couple of these Jarritos-inspired Thanksgiving craft projects. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make turkeys out of used Jarritos bottle caps with googly eyes and construction paper. You can also use the same items in this tutorial to make a turkey out of an empty Jarritos bottle, adding tissue paper to create the bird’s colorful feathers!

3. Use Jarritos in your drink recipes

Of course, your Thanksgiving feast would be incomplete without some refreshments around the table! Add a splash of Pineapple Jarritos into this fall party Pineapple Punch recipe that includes apple cider and ginger ale. You can also try your hand at a bowl of Sparkling Cranberry Lime using Lime Jarritos, cranberry juice and sparkling water, garnished with orange slices or seasonal fruit.

Keep brainstorming this year’s Thanksgiving celebration by discovering the flavors of Jarritos online!

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