You’d never believe fruit could
have such a punch until you try
our special blend of fruits with
100% real sugar.

The pioneer of mandarin sodas packs a powerful
combination of tangy and sweet that will reawaken
your palate with every sip.

So rich, made in México with 100%
real sugar and a special touch.
A really tasty one. Cheers!

Everyone loves limonadas and sodas,
so we found a way to capture the
irresistible mix of citrus and
sweetness into a refreshing
bottle of goodness.

You’d never expect
sweet and sour to work together as
perfectly as they do in the refreshing
Jarritos Guava soda.

Enjoy the exceptional summery flavor
and juiciness of pineapple. Made with
100% real sugar and a whole lot of
tropical awesomeness.

Probably the most delicious fruit of all,
turned into the most delicious soda.
Mango, 100% real sugar and a lot
of deliciousness.

The iconic fruit flavor of summer,
now in a bottle, will keep you refreshed,
cool and smiling any time of the year.

This delicious flavour will forever
change your priorities

OUR FOUNDER COFFEE SODA Muchas Mandarinas ¡Salud! Best Seller Little Jugs Los Colores ¡Que Buenos Son! Big Numbers Mandarin Groves Where in the Mundo Planes, Trains and Other Things Rumble ¡Viva El Tamarindo! Green and Orange Old School So Many Samples Natural Sugar

In 1950, Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill founded Jarritos. He was an accomplished chemist and tinkerer who always left his beakers and journals all over the house, especially the dining room.

The original Jarritos flavor was coffee. Yeah, we know, most people like their coffee hot and not carbonated. So our founder gave fruitier fruits a try, and Mandarin was born. Other flavors soon followed, like Tamarind, Lime and Fruit Punch.

No fruit is harmed in the making of Mandarin-flavored Jarritos, unless you count those 30 million mandarins we go through every year. That’s almost the population of Canada! Hmm. Maple-flavored Jarritos, anybody?

The official anniversary of Jarritos is August 29th. On that day, we ask you to raise your favorite flavor of Jarritos in honor of our founder, Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill. While you’re at it, raise one on all the other days, too.

Jarritos was born in 1950. By 1960, it was being bottled and sold in 80% of Mexican states—making Jarritos the best-selling, naturally flavored soft drink brand in the country.

The name “Jarritos” might mean “goat shoes” in German, but it also means “little jugs” in Español. And whaddya know, traditional fruit-flavored aguas frescas were served in clay jugs to keep them cooler longer.

Want to hear something weird? The Jarritos logo has the colors of our most popular flavors, Mandarin and Lime, which are very similar to the colors of the original clay pots, which were naturally brown on the bottom and glazed green on the top. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

It turns out that the original Jarritos jingle meant the same thing in the 1950s as it does today. “¡Jarritos, qué buenos son!” still means, “Jarritos: They’re so good!”

1,500 bottles of Jarritos are exported every minute. 45,000 glass bottles of Jarritos can be filled every hour at any of our bottling plants in Mexico. Laid end to end, they would measure 7.1 miles long, which is the same as 18,744 tamales!

As Jarritos has grown over the years, we’ve always sourced as much fruit as possible from different Mexican regions. We even have our own mandarin groves at an undisclosed location in Yucatán.

Jarritos has been to more countries than some billionaire playboys. It is available in all of the locations you see above. Perhaps someday it will be sold on the moon, if there are thirsty moon people to buy it.

Jarritos is too super fun to be delivered just by trucks. Boring! On their way to a store near you, some of our bottles are carried on boats across pirate-infested waters, just like in old-timey stories. They are also transported by planes and on bicycles driven by powerful luchadores.

You win some and you lose some, and sometimes you lose three months’ worth of glass bottles in a big, huge earthquake that happened in 2010 in Mexico. Oh, well. At least no one was hurt!

People are always underestimating tamarind, because it is weird and brown. But it is actually awesome. Tamarind provides shade for coffee plants and is part of Jarritos’ efforts toward sustainable farming.

Long ago, when green was just a color and not a thing where you have to recycle and eat granola, Jarritos was already working with local farmers to grow mandarins locally instead of importing them. It costs more, but it makes a delicious Mandarin soda.

Our original bottles were not labeled. People just knew what flavor it was by the color. And since we use real fruit flavors, we bet they could identify them just by taste. What are you doing this afternoon? Who wants to drink Jarritos blindfolded?

We want everyone in the world to try Jarritos, which is why we’ve given away 180 million ounces of Jarritos in the last 10 years. That’s enough ounces to fill 2.6 billion thimbles with Jarritos, if you wanted to do that for some reason!

Jarritos sodas consumed throughout the world are all produced in Mexico and made with cane sugar. Only real sugar guarantees the authentic Jarritos taste that families have loved for generations.

Jarritos sodas consumed throughout the world are all produced in Mexico and made with cane sugar. Only real sugar guarantees the authentic Jarritos taste that families have loved for generations.

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